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I never get on Facebook. And I figured hey why not. And now I remember why i avoid it. People are so ignorant.

I’ve been babysitting for almost 9 hours and I’d still rather stay here the rest of the day than go to class tonight.

I should probably go to sleep considering I have to be up way earlier than I ever have to be. Oh well.

Holy shit I have never had worse headaches caused by a person. Grow up.

In exactly 37 minutes my dad’s alarm is going to go off just so he can roll over and wish my mother a happy birthday just like it does every year. And I find that extremely fucking cute.

Honestly I feel really bad but I think I’m the only one who never was all that fond of Allison Argent from the get go. But I’ve come to realize it’s just because I don’t think Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey would ever make a believable couple irl.

When I separated Allison from being “Crystal with Tyler” I realized she’s actually probably one of the most badass female lead characters I’ve come across in a while.

I really hope you get locked up for being the psychotic piece of shit you are.

Just watched Devil’s Knot and had never heard of the West Memphis 3 until now and now I’m finding myself looking up all sorts of interviews and autopsy reports and am so conflicted and dear god I’m a freak.

So I was expecting princess-valhalla to drag me out of bed when she came over and I was dreading it. But then this happened and i was relieved.

So we show up to this music festival primarily to see panic at the disco. When a huge storm randomly comes through to the point where we’re told to leave and seek shelter. Practically get trampled by hundreds of people running and shoving and screaming their heads off. Of course all the bathrooms are taken. But this family of five was nice enough to share their single person bathroom refuge with us until the storm passed. Half the bands are now not playing and there’s an even bigger storm on the way. This should be interesting.

It would be great if I could color someone’s hair just once without ending up covered in hair dye. At least this client actually wants something cool.

Almost got punched out by some girl at this party because her boyfriend was getting me drinks. Check urself.

It’s 2 a.m. I can’t sleep. I’m bored. And princess-valhalla is weak because she just fell asleep when we were having a grand time of doing nothing together. Help.

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