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I guess that’s what I get for giving a guy even the slightest benefit of the doubt.

It’s my birthday! List of things that will go on today with princess-valhalla :

- breakfast
- piercings
- tattoos, maybe, hopefully
- aquarium
- bar at the beach

This should definitely be fun.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so guarded and shy. It makes me come off as a huge bitch apparently.

Stupid social anxiety is creeping up to the point of giving me a headache and making me nauseous. My fucking ears are even ringing this is not cool. Ugh.

Seriously though, 9 times out of 10 the customer isn’t right. They’re just an asshole.

I’m in class and one of my friends is bored enough that she started drawing our group of friends with what they’re known for.

One is a fitness freak so she drew her with crazy muscles.
One has huge boobs so you can guess how that went.
And another likes to bake so she drew her holding cupcakes.

They were stuck when it came to drawing me until one said “just draw a skinny ass stick figure with a hoodie saying ‘fuck this’ ”

Indeed my general view on everything. Especially at school.

I probably drank more than I should’ve last night. My brain hates me right now.

I never get on Facebook. And I figured hey why not. And now I remember why i avoid it. People are so ignorant.

I’ve been babysitting for almost 9 hours and I’d still rather stay here the rest of the day than go to class tonight.

I should probably go to sleep considering I have to be up way earlier than I ever have to be. Oh well.

Holy shit I have never had worse headaches caused by a person. Grow up.

In exactly 37 minutes my dad’s alarm is going to go off just so he can roll over and wish my mother a happy birthday just like it does every year. And I find that extremely fucking cute.

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