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One of the greatest feelings is coming home after a long shitty day and taking your bra off and having money that you forgot about fall out. 

Yo 72 & sunny on my day off this week. Finally get to go to the beach.

I’ve been home from class for an hour and have done nothing but lay on my bed. Haven’t even taken off my boots or jacket. I seriously can’t move.

Car’s broken down in bum fuck nowhere. Locked inside. Claustrophobic as shit. Help is like an hour away. Aaaaand I thought it would be a brilliant plan to drink a huge energy drink on my way to school and I’ve gotta piss so bad but wait. IM LOCKED IN MY FUCKING CAR. I hate today.

I guess you just want to worry me till I make myself sick. That’s cool.

Clearly this flirting thing is not my forte.


For nights with the best friend that consist of getting drunk and watching friends and cuddling puppies.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again

You. Are. PATHETIC. You claim to love me so much but you do nothing but prove otherwise.

Turning me against my family because they hated you (with reason) is not love. Encouraging me to drop out of college, is not love.
Not letting me get a job and keeping me locked up in an empty apartment day in and day out because you were insecure? Yup, not love.
Manipulating me and lying to me about the stupidest shit for 3 and a half years? Guess what? Not love.
And most recently, convincing me that you were dirt poor and letting me be your personal taxi and buy you anything you so much as glanced at when you were off doing god knows what with your money, most definitely not love.

You’re a lying manipulative childish being and you’ll never change.

In closing, fuck off.

I hate being sick. I feel like I’m gonna die.

Well today was a completely shit day. It ended pretty well though. And to make things even better class will more than likely be canceled tomorrow night.

princess-valhalla and I got together to watch the oscars and we’ve already killed a family size bag of doritos and the show hasn’t even started yet.

This customer literally just plopped his baby on her back on the floor of the lobby and started changing her diaper in the middle of a full waiting room. What the fuck is wrong with people.

Random pajama Taco Bell binge. princess-valhalla I appreciate you so much.

Nap at 6 pm? Sounds about right.

So I feel really nauseous for some reason and I’m stuck at work for probably another five hours. This saturday is going great.

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