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Neno is almost an hour late.

Not like you guys care or anything… but I’m lonely.

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite thing about your boyfriend?


That’s really tough hah… Uhm I’d have to say the fact that before anything, he’s my best friend. It’s gotten to the point where we can basically read each other’s minds. It’s great to have someone who not only knows & loves everything about you, but that basically is your other half. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him.

Amazing night with the fiance

We went to the oceanfront tonight. Which he hates but knows I love :) While looking for a parking spot & stuck in traffic, we spotted some storm troopers & Darth Vader. Anthony being the way he is said “BABE! Storm troopers! We gotta go take a picture with them!” & hops out of the car in the middle of traffic -__-. Oh well. We got our pictures :). We then waited in a long ass line for some Wendy’s & then he bought me an Arizona at 711 :) But that didn’t last long. Some homeless guy asked for a sip. I can’t say no so I gave him it. He chugged most of it & I was too grossed out to keep it so … yeah … that’s how that worked out. Then we went to the fun park carnival where he was more than determined to get me a stuffed animal prize. I convinced him to give up & that we’d come back another day after 3 or 4 tries haha. I really want that purple shark though! Walking around with him & Luke we passed Ocean Mystique & Anthony said he’d pay for me to get my nose pierced! Again, long ass line, so I guess we’ll go tomorrow :) Now, I’m home & on tumblr while he plays Skyrim. T’was an amazing night. & it’s all thanks to him. He’s the best <3


This Is Us (by sothisisme91)

Cause we cute :)

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